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Simon Mignolet

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Doing quite well in Belgium. Will probably win the league comfortably with Brugge and thought he looked decent in CL too.

Also his contract ends in 2024 just like Klopp's. Could he be Klopp's successor? Did Klopp extent his contract till 2024 to accommodate Simon?

He's only the backroom motivator Steven Gerrard could have been.

Way too good for Belgian league, happy for him and hope he will win the title.

Pleased to see Migs doing well, I think he was a better keeper than he was ever given credit for but never suited to the style Klopp wanted to play.

Belgian 'keeper of the year apparently..

Gerry Attrick:
Facing those forwards that are superior to Firmino at finishing in training must be really helping him.


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