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Playstation 5 (2020)

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Release date - Holiday season 2020

Haptic motion feedback in controllers. Goodbye rumble motors

'Adaptive triggers' - games can be programmed to provide resistance when using the L2/R2 triggers so vehicle acceleration and weapon firing will feel more realistic

More controller details

- Uses USB-C
- New Speaker
- Better Battery Life
- Heavier than PS4 controller, but will be lighter than Xbox One controllers

This is the supposed early render but usually these change drastically and could just be the dev kits being sent out to developers

some more final details

- Ray tracing support is hardware based
- New SSD will help boot times, loading times and streaming

Looks like a robotic hoover.

Is it likely that the "proper" versions of The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy VII will come out on this at launch day? Isn't that what happened with GTA 5, which released very late in the last generation?


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