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4G Availble Now, So Why Watch the Match?

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4G services at Anfield thanks to the new stadium-wide network. 👉

--- Quote --- Liverpool fans can now enjoy high-quality 4G services at Anfield thanks to the new stadium-wide network, which has been installed to enhance the matchday experience for supporters and visitors.

The new 4G mobile services have been designed and deployed by infrastructure delivery specialists Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG). The service is available initially to O2 and Vodafone customers, with plans to roll the service out to other networks at a later date.

Fans who are attending the highly anticipated Brazil v Croatia international friendly at Anfield on Sunday June 3 will be the first to benefit from improved connectivity at the stadium. Supporters will be able to keep up to date with the latest news, sporting results and share images of their time at Anfield whilst attending the game.

LFC is hoping the changes will ensure that fans can enjoy an immersive experience at Anfield with high-speed connectivity – sharing images on social media and keeping in touch with friends.

Andrew Robinson, head of technology and transformation at Liverpool Football Club said: “Putting our fans first, improving their matchday experience and helping them to enjoy their time at Anfield is integral to our strategy.

“Providing consistent mobile coverage at scale to 54,000 fans is very challenging and slow mobile data speeds can be frustrating for fans. Using expertise from WIG we’re tackling this challenge with high quality 4G services throughout the stadium to provide a much better match day experience.”

--- End quote ---

Can’t wait to livestream the game in HD to my Facebook friends!

Forza Liverpool!

Jokes aside, I feel the club is making a big effort to ramp up social media recently and I guess people sharing stuff with better 4G is part of that effort. Pros and cons to it, but whatever. If you see someone being a whopper just tell them (politely) to stop and get involved instead with the atmosphere instead.

Moved to Anfield Stadium.

People will moan but at least we can check scores/bets now when the game stops

First thing I thought was now the whoppers will spend even more time on instatwat and facecunt but I didn't even go last year so who am I to say anything.


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