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Conor Coady

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Always rated Coady and was gutted he left

Glad to see the lad excelling and its mad he's still only 25

Not sure if we can say ‘one that got away’ but there’s no denying he’s turned into an excellent player and leader.

Always speaks well also.

Good luck to him but can we rule out a return?

Drinks Sangria:
I’m made up for the lad that he’s carving such an impressive career out for himself, and he was unlucky not to get a call up ahead of the likes of Tarkowski, who is a lump in my opinion.

I wouldn’t take him back though, he’s too slow on the turn and immobile to work in our high line. He plays in a system where he’s guarded either side by centre halves and has two deep lying midfielders in front of him. I do rate him, but believe he’s found his level and would struggle for playing time here if Lovren and Matip are both fit.

Lone Star Red:
Think he's perfectly suited to the role he has now in Wolves' system. Sweeper/quarterback in the center of that back three. Think his lack of pace and strength would get badly exposed playing in the kind of system that Klopp uses.

Fair play to him though for adapting his game and captaining a PL side that deserves to be in Europe next season.

So many out of our academy get prematurely labeled as the "next so-and-so" at the age of 16 and then by the age of 22 they're plying their trade in the lower leagues across Europe. Nice to see one make it out of the academy and make it in a good PL team, especially a Scouser!

'England's captain' - Conor Coady's debut rated, Southgate's verdict and future call-ups

For the first time in a generation, a Wolves player started an England game as Coady made his international bow.


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