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Nintendo Switch (was NX)

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Officially unveiled in a trailer this afternoon, at 3pm. Still a lot of mystery surrounding it, though the consensus is that it's USP is that it's a portable console.

Wii U was the first Ninty console I ever skipped, was really gutted about it, but it just felt like a slight upgrade on a console that was never really aimed towards me. So I'm really intrigued as to where they go with this, hoping they actually try to cater more for online gaming, seems like they've left themselves miles behind the trend in this regard. Which is ridiculous when you look at the potential in online for their first party titles alone. They really need to get major third party support though, that was one of the major flaws in the Wii U, sadly the Nintendo name isn't a console seller on it's own anymore.


--- Quote from: gerrardisgod on October 20, 2016, 11:07:05 am ---consensus is that it's USP is that it's a portable console.

--- End quote ---

How are other consoles not portable?

Be interesting to see what it's like. Wii was fun for a little bit, it was different at the time. Wii U just didn't appeal to me and the rumour of this console doesn't either. I'm not interested in portable gaming anymore. I don't like mobile gaming.

Just give me good games I can play on my tele please Nintendo with a traditional controller and no gimmicks.


--- Quote from: Upinsmoke on October 20, 2016, 11:29:30 am ---Just give me good games I can play on my tele please Nintendo with a traditional controller and no gimmicks.

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This. I think Nintendo make better games than anybody.

However they're their own worst enemy by constantly trying to be different. There's such a thing as too much innovation. Sadly, I think the giant sales of the Wii have probably persuaded them to chase after the next groundbreaking moment.

Everyone stopped playing the Wii after getting bored of motion controls in the first couple of years. That's when I picked one up for cheap and played through Nintendo's own titles. Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess are near-perfect games, the only thing stopping them from being so is their motion controls. That's what annoys me about Nintendo. They get all the basics of gaming absolutely spot on, so everything is intuitive and fun to play. Then it's as if it's all too easy for them, so they have to handicap themselves by introducing some new gimmick.

The Wii-U seemed slightly more conventional than it's predecessor, but it hasn't got it's own version of Mario Galaxy or any trace of a Zelda adventure. Also it was probably the worst marketed mainstream console of all time by a gigantic distance. I've never actually seen one.

They have enough disciples not to care, but I really hope Nintendo can tempt me back into their world.

Debating getting a 3DS for Pokemon and some of the Zelda games I missed but I think I might wait and see how this NX announcement goes!


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