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All other Kolo threads seem locked so thought I'd start another one as it's likely he'll figure more than expected at season end what with the uncertainty over Sakho.

Not sure he'll be here next season or not. On the one hand we have Matip arriving, Gomez recovering and Kolo's 35 years old. On the other hand, he still seems quite capable of doing a job for us when called for and seems a great influence on the team. When we need a third choice centre back he seems to be fighting for a place with Lucas - with Martin further down the pecking order and Caulker no where.

Read this on the BBC from Jürgen: -

--- Quote ---"Kolo is a very, very important player for us, even when he doesn't play,"

"He's one of the most impressive people I have met, but now is not the right time to speak about Kolo's future."

"When I came here Kolo had a few problems injury wise but now it looks completely different and that's good,"

"How I have heard things is that a big part of Kolo's future is at Liverpool. So I'd say everything is ok."
--- End quote ---

I guess if this season has taught us anything it's that you can never have too many centre-backs.

Groundskeeper Willie:
That last sentence is interesting.

Wouldn't surprise me if a coaching role could be in the offing....but still registered as a player too.

He's got an infectious character, seems to really add to the atmosphere around the club, and Klopp seems to love that attitude.

Hope he stays in some capacity.

Would love him to stick around, had my doubts about him getting a new deal but happy to admit he's proven me wrong.

My second favourite player!  I love his dignity,  how he accepts when he's not in the squad but then comes in whenever needed and never lets anyone down.  It's not easy to do that,  hardly play and then come back in right up to speed,  yet Kolo does it really well.  He's a good person and a great wise old head in the squad.  he's a keeper for me and I don't mean 'keeper!!!


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