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Is Google/WhatsApp/Facebook listening to our conversations for targeted ads?

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 [tin hat] Quite recently, I have noticed on three occasions how Google Chrome and Gmail seem to have targetted my computer with things that I have spoken about with friends or colleagues.

 The first time, I remember receiving an e-mail from an online retailer after saying to my friend in work that I was looking to buy a new jacket - low and behold, I started getting offers on jackets and coats.

 The second time, I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone about going to Wales camping... In my pop-ups, I received offers on tents.

 Thirdly, I was in my girlfriends an we were talking about going to Snowden in the summer to do some hiking... Low and behold, when looking at Putlocker for videos, we started to get pop-ups for hiking shoes.

 It is entirely possible and I really wouldn't put it past Google to do this - has anyone else noticed this?

No they aren't.


--- Quote from: Alan_X on March  2, 2016, 09:05:38 pm ---No they aren't.

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