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£349 new, released june 9th

3 months after release Xbox One gets a price drop to £399 including titanfall

Not sure how long this will last but now £349 at MAplins:

Walshy nMe®:
Excited to see what is going to happen with this.

Will be best for the gaming industry if the specs are almost identical.

Malaysian Kopite:
Reveal will almost certainly be at the Microsoft event to be held on April 26.

I think it's quite an interesting set of SDK details. The hard copies of games are obviously just to tie to your console. WIll be inetresting to see how they work round rentals, or you taking the game to a mates house. Maybe each game can only be activated twice?

I like the sound of Always On - if anything it matches there policy of making discs less prominent. If it's always on, it's a safe bet that during the day trickel downloads will be delivering content - esepcially as you can queue and download from their site.

It's almost gravitating towards a steam account. Hopefully some more solid details will come out over the next few weeks. Not entirely sold on the idea of having to have a kinect just to use the console as I like space and the kinect is a bit bulky for my units.

So the always connected and non trade able rumour was true. :butt


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