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The Kop’s Last Stand 10 years ago today

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Never realised it came to Liverpool via Garston.
I wonder who the Horse and cart belonged too.
My family were delivering coal in those days.
It must have gone past my grand-dads house, pity the bloody horses if they went up St Mary's it's steeper than the valley.

Old Koppite:
To commemorate the new Kop, the topmast of Brunel’s giant Great Eastern six-masted iron steamer ship, one of the first ever, was erected on the outside corner of the Kop at the junction of Walton Breck Road with Kemlyn Road after the new Spion Kop was built in 1906. The ship had been broken up at Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, in 1890 and the club officials in search of a flagpole managed to buy it for 20 guineas, a reasonable price. The mast was floated across the river Mersey to Garston and transported to Anfield and hauled up Everton Valley on two wagons, hauled by a team of three horses. It still stands in the same spot at the corner of the Kop and known as ‘Flagpole corner’, and will have been there 100 years in 2006.

It's still there, just about?

A few videos of the old Kop / last days of the old standing Kop...

'The Old Kop (1994)' - according to the video comments, this is from Liverpool Reserves v Nott'm Forest Reserves, played at Anfield on the 25th April, 1994:-

'The Spion Kop Anfield' - video taken on 29th April 1994:-

'Heading into the Kop.. This will trigger some memories this!' (a 30 second video clip of the old standing Kop):-

'The Kop's Last Stand: Liverpool v Norwich 30/04/1994' - an 80 minute program on Sky (with extended match footage):-

'Tribute to The Kop 1994 - BBC' - 27 minute video:-

'Story of The Kop - part 1 of 2':-

'Story of The Kop - part 2 of 2':-

'KOP of LIVERPOOL FC / Last Day' - 7 minute video:-

'The Anfield Kop In Full Voice - 1994':-

'The standing Kop back in 1994':-

'Last Day of the standing Kop 1994' - 5 minute video with Des:-

'The Kop's Last Stand - pt1':-

'The Kop's Last Stand - pt2':-

'The Kop's Last Stand - pt3':-

'The Kop's Last Stand - pt4':-

'Classic Match: Liverpool 0-1 Norwich City | Players and fans bid farewell to the Kop' - a 5 minute video from LFC:-

'Liverpool 0-1 Norwich 1993-94 (The Kop's last stand)' - Saturday 30th April, 1994. 9 minute match highlights:-

^ Match Info page:

'Liverpool 0 1 Norwich 1994 Kop's Last Stand' - Match Of The Day; 17 minute video:-

A few articles on The Kop's Last Stand...

RAWK's 'Anfield through the ages (pics)' thread - in the 'Anfield Stadium' forum (see meady1981 posts!) :

'The Spion Kop’s last stand' article:

'Ten years on' article:

'10 years since the Spion Kop (2004)' article:

''You're supposed to let us win!' - when Norwich (tried to) spoil the Kop's last stand':

One From The Archives – The Last Day Of The Kop (view from a Norwich fan):

A Gallery of The Kop's Last Stand - Liverpool FC v Norwich, 1994:

Remembering a fond farewell to the standing Kop:

Liverpool: Remembering The Kop’s Last Stand:

The Kop's last stand:

Liverpool played their last game in front of the old Kop:

The Year The Kop Turned Back Time:

Remembering Liverpool’s final farewell to Anfield’s iconic terrace:

Liverpool: The Day when Kop became the past:

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Humour, loyalty & passion – Memories of the old Spion Kop:

Famous painting Last Day at the Kop goes under the hammer:

Attacking the Kop:

'John Garner - the last person to score in front of the standing Kop' - 2004 RAWK thread:

'John Garner - Last goal scorer in front of the Standing Kop - Liverpool 0 Norwich City 1 - 30/4/94' - 5 minute video:

15 photos capture the day Anfield bid farewell to the Spion Kop:

^ click to enlarge the image...


'"The Last Night of The Kop" concert video released in 1995. The concert was held on May 1st, 1994' - a 9 minute video:-

'The Farm play in front of the Kop 1994' (All Together Now):-

'The Last Night Of The Kop Concert, 1st Of May 1994 😍😘😍😘 #ynwa' (Gerry Marsden sings You'll Never Walk Alone):-

'Alberto Remedios singing Nessun Dorma The Last Night of the Kop':-


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