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Dani Pacheco

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one of the only players in our team who actually tried to take on a man in preseason along with Sterling, Suso and Suarez. Maybe because his name doesnt start with S like the other 3 :P

Apart from involvement in the build up to Ngoo's goal, Pacheco was largely ineffective for the U21's. Indeed he was guilty of missing two sitters which would have ensured a comfortable and justified win instead of the resultant draw.

To be fair Morgan also failed to convert an easy chance after he had come in as a substitute.

Hes too old for the reserves and not good enough to get a look in for the firsts it seems. Its really strange. Unless Bogers is trying to focus on advertising players he doesnt want in the shop window, ie mins for Cole, Adam, Downing, Agger  :-X and maybe hes waiting to get into the Europa for real before experimenting with Dani and others. I would like to know though because everyone else seems to have gotten a chance with the 1sts except him and Suso but at least with Suso the contract saga is a realistic theory as to why hes not playing. As for the lesser spotted Dani Pacheco, who the heck knows?  :-\

How long does he have on his contract?

Red Reign:
We have 3 forwards, one of which may be sold before the window is out. Quite obvious why he is around.


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