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The other thread was locked so I thought I'd start a new one, but I apologise if if it's not allowed.

Going off the pictures he's still training with the first team, haven't heard anything about him leaving but he hasn't featured in any of the games. So what's the deal?

Anyone, got a clue? Would love him to stay personally, but Brendan has to want him to.

I'd rather him get games than Joe Cole.

Saul Goodman:
Did decently in the reserve game the other day which Brendan was watching so was surprised not to see him the Europa squad. I can only guess he has been told to find a new club but is being allowed to train with the team while that is ongoing.

Surprised we'd let him go as he seems more of a Rogers type player


--- Quote from: Samee on August 24, 2012, 03:54:01 pm ---I'd rather him get games than Joe Cole.

--- End quote ---
Absolutely this.  He may not ever be good enough to be a regular for us, but surely he can add something off the bench occasionally.


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