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been on cable since Telewest in the early 2000s and they were pretty good, had ironed out a lot of problems until the whole virgin media merger/buyout - a company that is trying to grow and develop whilst doing on the cheap, not a good combination.

Had problems with them too, especially when i got on the superhub. modem/connection issues, went through 3 modems in two weeks and had to pay a setup charge on top - happy days.

hit them up on twitter, or the virginmedia forums and complain. they usually kiss ass if you do that. do have a moan, try get some money back (or recompensated for the time you have gone out). does depend on your area (postcode lottery) and sounds like your engineer the first time didn't install correctly if everything is out.

when it works, it is brilliant. i have tried most of the isp providers alongside virgin to see whether it was worth moving, but they all have problems. depends on where you live but imo virgin does the best and fastest broadband. but for tv if u can afford it, nothing beats sky as much as i hate the murdoch mafia.

Veinticinco de Mayo:

--- Quote from: brownie 09 on June 12, 2012, 02:14:29 pm ---Weve been with Virgin for a while, never had any problems with them to be honest. Reliable internet connection, and the fact there doubling our internet speed for free in october is boss :d

--- End quote ---

Ditto here.

brownie 09:

--- Quote from: jamie_c on June 12, 2012, 02:42:34 pm ---Just one word of warning, virgin are being a little bit sneeky with the doubling broadband speeds.  If you accept the increased speed then you are automatically signing up to a new 12 month contract with them.  Not the end of the world but it does mean you have less flexibilty if you want to leave for a better deal down the line.

--- End quote ---
cheers for the heads up. Not changed company since the blueyonder days so will stick with it. Couldnt be bothered with the likes of BT etc they all seem to be quite a bit behind virgin with speeds and fibre optic cables etc.

Been with them since their Cabletel days (15+ years) and never had any major issues with them until last Dec when their 'service upgrades' meant I was without broadband for 2 days which was a right ball ache as I'd arranged to work from home to work on a project.

I kept on and on and on at them to give me an ETA for service resumption which they couldn't do at that point in time so I even tried contacting Branson via twitter and got a message back on there from one of their, and I'm not making this up, Virgin Angels.

As they couldn't give me an ETA they offered me ESPN free for the next years as a gesture of goodwill which I accepted and lo & behold the very next day my BB was back up and running and still had the benefit of ESPN free for two years.

So keep on at them and try and escalate the problem up their reporting structure and try and got hold of a manager in somewhere like customer retentions or one of their twitter Virgin angels and when you can get hold of someone who can actually do something try and get something worthwhile out of them for the inconvenience.

Virgin been OK for me but a bit snide sometimes.


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