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Does Kevin Keegan get enough recognition for what he achieved at Liverpool?

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He was my hero growing up - I remember the hype about the battle between him and Super Mac in the '74 cup final, MacDonald never turned up but Keegan got a pair.

The '60 minutes' he just did was a great watch.

Andy @ Allerton!:
Was absolutely gutted and heartbroken when he left. Then delighted when I saw the King.

Keith Lard:
Robbie Fowler receives hero worship, yet he achieved only a fraction of the success Keegan did at Liverpool.

It just shows how irrational football supporters can be. I'd definitely say football is 80% about emotion.

Crosby Nick 128:

--- Quote from: Terry De Niro on November  4, 2011, 03:27:55 pm ---Fantastic player.
I'm sure I wasn't alone in being devastated when he decided to leave.
Then we signed Kenny and it was "Kevin who?"

--- End quote ---

He was before my time but that's how I see it (from what I've read and heard from my Dad). He was worshipped when he was here but then somebody even better came along. There's no doubt that at the time he was great for us, and will go down as an all time great but I guess he doesn't ever feature in greatest ever teams because for all he achieved with us, he left at close to his peak and was replaced by somebody who went on to even bigger and better things.


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