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Michael Owen has revealed his frustration with the England manager, Fabio Capello, over the apparent end of his international career. The Manchester United forward was last capped in March 2008, when he played the second half of a friendly against France in Paris.

"I've given up trying to understand," Owen said. "I've not given up on England. It's come to an abrupt stop under this manager. You'd have a better idea than me [why that is]."

Owen, who believes he has no chance of a recall as long as the Italian is the manager, has become accustomed to not seeing his name when England squads are announced. "I was disappointed for the first squad I missed," he said, "a little bit less for the next one and after about three or four times, I didn't really expect to see my name. For the first couple of squads I looked at the players [named] and looked at what I had done. For the last dozen squads, I haven't looked. I don't even think about [being picked] now. Honestly.

"It's sad, really. If I keep getting up for something, then [find out] I am not in, I am just kidding myself."

Owen, 31, avoided tact entirely when the possibility was raised of his return once Capello had left the England job. "Cheers," he said. "I hope you are right."

The striker has had to tone down one ambition. Sir Bobby Charlton, who is now a United director, will not have his record haul of 49 England goals taken from him just yet. Owen, who has scored 40, said: "I am not going to kid myself. Every time I saw him I was 'closing on your record, Sir Bobby.' Now I just see him for who he is, a great man."

Owen has not pressed his England candidacy this season. His goal for United against Blackpool on Sunday was his second of a league campaign in which he has started once. His contract with United expires this summer and he does not know if he will be offered a new deal by Mr. Ferguson. "There has been one chat," he said. "I don't want to speak to the manager prior to a Champions League final. Straight after the match, then we'll talk."

Owen has not won the European Cup, having left Liverpool for Real Madrid the summer before the Anfield club won the trophy, when Steven Gerrard inspired a recovery from 3-0 down to beat Milan on penalties in 2005. But Owen now has the Premier League medal that has eluded Gerrard and others.

Owen said he felt the stress of being a peripheral member of the United squad. "I get into a poor cycle. Mentally I am up and down; I'm going to play then I'm not. Physically I would be eating too much, possibly energy foods. It's quite challenging for mind and body. Once in a while I get asked to play and I'm expected to play really well there and then."

There might not be a place for him on the bench against Barcelona at Wembley on Saturday if Dimitar Berbatov joins Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernández in Ferguson's thinking. At least Owen has been involved in the preparations. "We have thoughts on Barcelona," he said. "Three or four days before the Blackpool match our training sessions were about how to work tactically against Barcelona."

"I've given up trying to understand," Owen said."  ::) -  Whats so hard to understand Michael? The last time you played you slagged the manager off and for the last two years you've hardly played any games for your club cos you're no longer good enough. Simple really.

Yes Micky, you are entitled to everything, you not alone deserve to be in the England side, you should be captain and coach too..

Its because you've played like shit for 5 years.

That was easy.

Mr Dilkington:
It's his sheer lack of awareness that never ceases to amaze me.

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