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Wigan vs Liverpool - (Wednsday 10/11: 1945)

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--- Quote from: Chakan on November 10, 2010, 07:07:33 pm ---I do it for my country... that's all I allowed to say.

--- End quote ---

The same selfless sacrifice hasn't been since since James Bond last interrogated a female with valuable information.

America salutes you

Now that it's sunk in a little bit. I can not for the life of me understand how bringing Spearing and Poulsen to Wigan can help the team. Seriously, we don't have one defender or attacking midfielder in the reserves? Has, at any point in history, any team gone to Wigan, played them and after the game the comment "thank fuck we brought 2 holding midfielders on the bench or that would've ended up badly" been said?

If so, please PM me because I would love to see that game.

Just been brought to my attention that Kuyt is starting his second game after weeks of injury. Never thought of it like that, as I'm so used to him being always fit.

Whether that's proof of Kuyt's über-fantastic super awesome recovery or a desperate attempt to keep a winning side together.

A minute's silence before the match to remember John Benson who (if commentary is right) was buried today.

Kick off: Liverpool start with the ball, Peter Walton referees the match


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