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Wigan vs Liverpool - (Wednsday 10/11: 1945)

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Appearantly Chamakh has already scored for Arsenal, so first goal is out of the question.

1:30 The on-fire Brazilian with a long shot, marginally saved by the Wigan keeper. Corner Gerrard, comes to nothing

Promising start

Not much happening at the moment. We're trying to establish control but not much luck so far. Wigan's plan seems to be score early and hope to hang on.

5:00 Kelly with a very Carragher-ish tackle, pretty late, moderatly dubious, unpunished


Fernando Torres Liverpool's number 9

7 minutes in. Gerrard finds Torres with an exceptional through pass and El Nino scores his first away goal since March vs the Mancs

TORRES  - TORRES - TORRES rings out as the fans break into

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiverpoooool, Liveropooooooooool and followed up by FOAR

Server over-load at the moment. I'm not ignoring you my trusty readers


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