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Everton 2 vs Liverpool 0 Match Commentary, 17/10/10 k.o 13:30 BST

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Mad Men:

With Maxi in the side, will we see Raul in the center of midfield alongside Lucas with Gerrard playing behind Torres...and Cole out on the left....

BIG QUESTIONS! Will Carra and Konchesky get the sort of protection they need at both sides of the back from Maxi and Cole? Will our central defenders be able to cope with the Everton aerial bombardment....and will Cahill have one of those match's where he is not seen for 90% of the match but pops up to score out of the blue with a header?

Mad Men:

--- Quote from: Chakan on October 17, 2010, 01:06:29 pm ---Good Morning Mad Men,

So Derby day is upon us, and with the week we have had I am quietly optimistic that we will pull out a win here.
I promise it has nothing to do with Poulsen not being in the team. I promise. I could be lying though.

So 25 minutes to go for Roy and the team to turn around the shoddy start.
No more off field excuses , no more threat of administration, no more worry for the guys.

We need a win plain and simple. A draw is not good enough, a loss.......  Disastrous.

Lets twat these bitter blues!

--- End quote ---

Mate, derby sentiments aside, we cannot come away from Everton with anything less than 3 points. A draw will simply not do for either side...

Mad Men:

Arbeloa will be watching the match in Spain!

Just saw his twitter!

"aarbeloa17 Alvaro Arbeloa Coca
Merseyside derby today!! What a game!!! All the best for @RyanBabel , @LucasLeiva87 and #LFC!!! Go Reds!!!!
25 minutes ago"

Chakan Stevens:
Teams are coming out the tunnel. Lucas looks pumped and ready to go!!

Henry in the stands I think? Was that him?


--- Quote from: Chakan on October 17, 2010, 01:28:57 pm ---Hendry in the stands I think? Was that him?

--- End quote ---
Colin? ;D :wave


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