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Forgotten Heroes, Part 12,493: Charles-Hubert Itandje

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When I was a young lad, Ian Rush was banging in goals for the Reds and we were winning trophy after trophy through the 80s. At that time, Bruce Grobelaar had become a household name, Liverpool legend and the most famous Zimbabwean since sliced bread (or Rhodesia, as it was known when Bruce started his career... Zimbabwe that is, not the bread).  Here's the big man in one of his most memorable moments of 440 appearances for the Reds:    <- Here's McManaman's mugshot

What does that have to do with Charles-Hubert Itandje? Well....

Absolutely nothing, in fact...

Well, except for the fact that they both apparently enjoyed wearing fancy gloves:

Charles-Hubert Itandje (born November 2, 1982 in Bobigny) is a French football goalkeeper allegedly currently playing for Liverpool. His parents are from Cameroon.He was selected for the équipe de France espoirs (under-21 team), and became known for his dance to destabilize opponents during penalty shootouts and his ridiculous middle name. He made 170 appearances for RC Lens in the French second league. He can be seen here training for RC Lens, about all it is now recognised that he is good for.    <- Here's some other players who played for Lens, also with impressive LFC resumes
Charles-Hubert signed for Liverpool on August 9, 2007. Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez brought him in as backup for current number one goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

Benitez was forced to sign another goalkeeper after some other wobbly legged fella left the club to join Real Madrid in July 2007, and a hairy-faced albino gorilla was sent out on loan to Aston Villa for the duration of the 2007/2008 Premier League season.
Charles-Hubert made his first team debut for Liverpool in a Carling Cup match against Reading on September 25, which Liverpool won 4-2. This amazing performance, letting in only 2 goals against the offensive power that is Reading meant he got his second start for Liverpool in the Football League Cup tie against Cardiff.

Charles-Hubert played 1 further Carling Cup match against Chelsea in the Quarter Finals of the competition, Chelsea defeated Liverpool 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. Here Charles-Hubert can be seen successfully offering Frank Lumpard a piggy back:

Charles-Hubert made his FA Cup debut against Luton Town at Kenilworth Road in the 3rd round of the competition, another incredible performance between the sticks keeping Luton to just one goal with the match ending in a 1-1 draw. Charles-Hubert started once again in the 3rd round replay against Luton Town, Liverpool defeated Luton Town 5-0 thanks to a hat trick from Steven Gerrard as well as goals from Ryan Babel and Sami Hyypia who played both CB and CF throughout the match fortunately ensuring Charles-Hubert did not once come in contact with the ball. However, incredibly he conceded 2 goals against Barnsley F.C. on the 16th February in a 2-1 defeat at Anfield.

He and his mate Momo Sissoko then turned up at the LFC Xmas party dressed like this:

Neither has ever again been sighted.

Both are believed to be living in a giant floating ice box somewhere in the English Channel. They can clearly be seen here waving hello to a passing camera crew.


Charles-Hubert Itandje, a true LFC legend   pro   player   waster, and my vote for the 12,493rd spot on the all-time LFC legends list.

This post is full of win.

Glad you included a picture of Diouf in his classic "Who farted?" face which unfortunately has become permanent.

the jesus:
What a fucking legend Brucie was, is it wrong that i am watching that willing him to spark Mcmanaman clean out.

Cracking post that, some much needed light relief.
I will look forward to further installements of this "Legends" series, lets face it there has been plenty of them at the club since 1990.


Some proper belly laughs there - top work DaveCharlie!


--- Quote from: royhendo on January 30, 2009, 10:17:10 am ---:wellin

Some proper belly laughs there - top work DaveCharlie!

--- End quote ---

Glad you enjoyed royhendo, imitation is the highest form of flattery - can't wait to see more of the 'real' ones, as well as the odd 'Charles-Hubert'....


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