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Fella on Mastermind has Barnes as his specialist subject. Done incredibly well too!

Kin ell John lad  ::)

Ex-Liverpool star John Barnes owes 238k in tax, court hears

A bankruptcy petition against former Liverpool and England footballer John Barnes has been lodged by tax officials.

A judge considered Barnes' case at a hearing in a specialist court in London which the star did not attend.

Judge Catherine Burton was told by an official from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that Barnes owed 238,000.

The judge made no orders and said the case would be reconsidered on 29 November.

Barrister Nathan Webb, who represented Barnes, told the judge his client "just" needed time to pay and asked for an adjournment.

He said Barnes was employed by Liverpool FC "on a salary of 200,000".

"Mr Barnes is very well and able to pay," Mr Webb told Judge Burton.

"He just requires a bit of time."

A previous judge had dismissed another bankruptcy petition lodged by tax officials against Barnes in June.

HMRC officials had indicated during that earlier litigation that Barnes had owed at least 200,000.

They had told a judge that money owed had been paid.

Barnes, 59, also played for Watford and Newcastle.

He won 79 England caps between 1983 and 1995 and was head coach at Celtic after ending his playing career.

Judge Burton oversaw the hearing in the Insolvency & Companies Court.

200k a year from liverpool as an ambassador is a fair wedge


--- Quote from: naka on September  7, 2023, 10:30:30 am ---200k a year from liverpool as an ambassador is a fair wedge

--- End quote ---
Less than 10k a month after tax (over 6k) minus other deductions and whatever overheads and ex-wives he has, and assuming he has little in the way of liquid or brick assets, it's not something he can just pay off quickly. He'll be looking at several years' instalments at best.

Obviously he didn't put away a portion of previous (non-LFC non-PAYE) media earnings for self-assessment hence his current predicament. I hope he gets it sorted, there's far far worse tax evaders out there, big corporations, that HMRC resources should focus on.

No sympathy. People out there are struggling to feed themselves in the 5th largest economy in the world.


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