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John Barnes

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Rather more subtle than a certain modern show pony, he was peerless in the English game in those early Liverpool years.

Without the trailbazing Barnes, there would be no Barack Obama :P

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--- Quote from: Crosby Nick on January 21, 2009, 05:57:11 pm ---Damn you - always used to get them two mixed up! ;) Amended it now!

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Two peas in a pod ;)

Good post mate, Barnsey is a legend, right up there with the greatest ever for this club.


Thank goodness for a thread that is neither of the "negative shite" sort or the "anti shite shite" sort (you know the stuff - let me dream up the most ridiculous scenario I can to prove the point that things could be worse).

Anyway, Barnesy arrived the season that the hole in the Kop appeared. So we had to play our first I don't know how many games away. Didn't have much cash in those days but I was desperate to see the Reds. So scraped the spondies together and went to the Coventry game. What a treat - 4-0 to the boys and a superb performance from Barnes and Beardsley. Worth every penny.

One of my other memories was JB's first home game. When he came out to warm up there was such a huge cheer it looked like Barnesy grew in stature there and then.

Great player, great times.


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