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Keep some shots for the home changing room, they leave jerseys up so most will want to take a few shots.  The Anfield sign is where there'll be a little delay as most will again want a shot...spent a lot of time in the museum although that was just before number 5 came along. 

Been on the Tour loads of times and it just gets better each time. Well worth it mate, go for it.

Couple of times in the mid nineties.  Wouldn't let me do a Klinsmann-dive on the pitch so never bothered going again.

¡Basta Ya!:
Been round a couple of times, well worth the money. I liked it much more than I thought I would.

Going in the changing rooms and down the tunnel is the best part. Touching the sign, too - of course.

Been on the tour 4 times, its something you need to do if you havn't already done it. It's not going to be there much longer!!

Going down the tunnel and touching the legendry sign makes it all worthwhile.

Enjoy :D


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