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Late appearance of matches in Away sales - how to get Club to resolve?

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This week's Fulham away sale demonstrated that last season's problems have not gone away.  In some sales, some eligible members do not see the match appear on schedule at 08:15, but anything up to ten minutes later.

I had it happen on my account on Monday, but luckily I was able to buy on my partner's account at 08:15.  I had it a handful of times last season too.

It appears to affect different accounts each match, and some games have no reports of any issues.  None of the obvious remedies work: signing off/on to LFC account, clearing cache, using a different browswer, F5, Shift-F5, CTRL-F5...

The consequence for me is usually that it means I miss out on getting an aisle seat (which is useful for personal reasons, but not a major issue), but for people in non-guaranteed sales, this could be the difference between getting a ticket or not.

So, it's frustrating that the Club will simply not accept there is an issue.  Twice last year I was fobbed off by them.  Today, they've done the same again.  It's like talking to a brick wall.  I've given them specific data points to get their IT people to investigate, but all I get back from first-line customer support is that there is nothing they can do as sales were going through from 08:15 so there wasn't a problem.  Maddening.

Random thought, they've not set the criteria correctly on the match (i.e. only made it visible to season ticket holders with 19 games for example, instead of members with 19 as well) then realised soon after the sale starts and fix it.

It sounds like it's something the club needs to fix though.

Myself and my partner have identical history, both members on 19, not STH.  On Monday, he could see the game on his phone on his LFC account, I could not see it on my phone signed into my LFC account.  (So obviously, immediately bought on his, but I spent a few minutes investigating, not for the first time.)

On my phone, I could sign out of my account, and into his, and see the Fulham game.  Then sign back into my account, and it still wasn't there.  Well not until 08:19, anyway.

Strange this because the sales have always gone up bang on the time the selling details state for me.

I usually log on about 2-3 minutes before the sale and will refresh intermittently. Have you tried logging into your account on a different device?

Yes, when it happens, I've tried different devices. Makes no difference.

If you check the away sales threads on here, you'll see that there were several matches last season where some people were affected.  There were some games where it was fine for me, but not for others, and vice versa.  There's no obvious pattern to who it will hit.  Many away games have no reports of issues at all, and undoubtedly, there are many members who never have an issue.

Another idea is that the system's eligibility data is inaccurate at 08:15, and corrected a few minutes later.  But that is discounted by the fact that an F&F account can buy a ticket for me at 08:15, when I still can't see the match for sale.  If I was wrongly marked as ineligible between 08:15 and 08:19, it wouldn't have been possible to assign a ticket to me from another account.

That points to it being something to do with the building of the page of eligible games, and some caching server-side, not client-side, maybe.  It's interesting that most testimonies point to the missing game appearing at around the same time, presumably when some stalled system process finally completed.


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