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Surely we're due some news on ACS soon?

I hope so

I always used to go to cup games, can be a better experience than the PL in a lot of ways

'in due course' = how about an ETA there

It's a bit strange that nothing has been released about this yet. They may have decided to wait until after the members sales seeing as the first round for the Europa won't be until mid-September and the League Cup will be about the same time as well.

Season tickets were emailed about it today


All 4 games for guaranteed season ticket ACS, 1 game for ST/Members 'non-guaranteed' (but probably will be guaranteed I reckon).

I got it wrong first time I think but it is slightly confusing...

"To ensure a fair process for all supporters, season ticket holders are subject to the same qualifying criteria as official members for enrolment into the Auto Cup Scheme(s)."

Yet all the ACS criteria splits ST and members into guaranteed/non-guaranteed.


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