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had no issues at all renewing yesterday
no confirmation email but showing in account(season ticket tab)


--- Quote from: KM519 on May 22, 2023, 12:55:14 pm ---Having a disaster renewing my ST online. Constant error messages. Have been on the live chat twice to take their advice about the billing address being exactly correct and inputting card details, etc. No good. Then the bank blocked my card because they thought it was a fraud attempt with all my tries to get the payment thru. Now Iíve unblocked and continue to get error messages. Back on the live chat and told someone will call me, to (hopefully) pay over the phone. Absolute dogís breakfast of a system.

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Son also had nightmare with this.  No card would work on his account, either his own or ones that had worked on other family members' seasies.  He had to contact them over chat, and then - after suggesting he try all those things he had already tried to no effect (using the new card option, trying with a different card, contacting card issuer, using chrome as browser, etc) - someone from TO rang him and took payment over the phone.  If you're renewing, suggest not leaving it till last minute to do so.  Credit card issuer told him that the real problem is that the club's system isn't forwarding on one-time passcodes.


--- Quote from: Shanklygates on May 23, 2023, 12:47:16 pm ---Had a nightmare renewing mine just now. It just wouldn't accept my credit card (even though there is nothing wrong with it) but luckily it took my debit card OK.  It annoyed me though as I get points on my debit card ::)

It is showing in my account ok (snd the ACS) but I haven't had an email confirmation. Do they come later?

Hope other people's are working OK.

This happened to me last Friday. No confirmation email so I was little concerned (payment pending) No option to complete transaction again until yesterday morning so I went through it all again but this time (with relief) I received LFC confirmation email so now I have £1444 x 2 still pending. The one from Friday should return to my card at some point. Until LFC email is delivered I would take no chances. I would email club as a back up.

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OK, cheers. It's such a pain in the a***
--- Quote from: Danny Boy on May  9, 2023, 08:54:56 am ---I keep getting the following message:

Error from Cybersource or your card-issuing bank. Your card-issuing bank decline the payment. Please use a different card or select another payment method

Does anyone else? It's my usual bank card!

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Yep, 7 times in a row yesterday. Its my saved card too.

I tried adding the card as a new one but it still failed.
In the end I had to use my debit card (which annoyed me as I missed out on lots of points)

Ive been ill in bed last few days, just realised that ive missed the renewal window!!! Any advice?!

Edit - ive emailled the club, hope it can be sorted


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