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Luke 17:

--- Quote from: Birdontheshirt on March 29, 2017, 01:32:36 pm ---The renewals pages give very little info on ticket exchange credits.  You only get to see the amount of what they term 'Buyback' when you get to the payment page.  They have linked all of our family seasies together and so it shows the lumped 'buyback' as one amount for all seasies.  Makes it difficult to check, especially as the club doesn't ever send confirmation that your seat has got 'buyback' for any specific match.  Son submitted a seat to the exchange a week before a matchday that was already sold out, and we suspect club couldn't be bothered putting it up for sale, as seat was left empty.  But he was never officially told whether it had achieved 'buyback' or not.

I would have expected the account to show full info in relation to seasie/seat number, match the return relates to, amount of credit for specific match.  It is a rubbish buy-back system that doesn't ever inform how much money the club owes individuals for seats returned on the exchange.  No wonder people don't use the exchange and touting flourishes.

--- End quote ---

Yep its shite and something that needs looking at.

However a few years ago when cards were linked there was an almighty glitch online in the supporters favour ;)

On the payment for renewals deselect the accounts to leave the account you want to know which credits apply. Just don't checkout if you want to renew later

Yep got reminder email today 😊

Wonder if any new ST's will be released this summer


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