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The Alternative Premier League Table 2021-22

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The Alternative Premier League Table 2021-22

This is a continuation of the last ten APLT threads which ran over the last ten seasons and can be found here:

For those of you who are new to the APLT, or those who need a reminder of the model, the APLT makes an assumption that in order to win the league title, a team needs to win 90 points for the season.  This can be achieved by winning all home matches, the seven ‘easiest’ away matches (the three promoted teams and the 14th-17th ranked teams from the previous season) and draw the 12 remaining away matches.  I refer to these as the ‘par results’.  As in golf, par will be achieved more often than not, but sometimes points are dropped or gained in relation to par.

The fixture list below for the featured teams indicates the ‘hardest’ matches which are all par 1s, with the remaining fixtures all par 3s.

Over the season, I will plot the results in relation to par for all the teams featured on a graph (an example of last season’s completed graph is below).  If a team plays to par, the line on the graph will be horizontal, whereas dropped points will lead to a negative gradient and gained points a positive gradient.

The green depreciating line reflects a drop of 0.5 points per game (dropping to 19 points below par by game 38) to illustrate a 71 point season, a reasonable estimation of the points needed to achieve a top four finish.  Any team with ambitions to finish top four needs to be above this green line by the end of the season.

I’ll do my best to keep this up-to-date as best as possible as the season progresses and I hope it illustrates the impact of results on our season.

I'll also try to send a tweet when I do an update @RawkProf

This excellent post from Nessy is well worth reading if you are new to this....

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Looking at those fixtures, we can probably expect to be behind in the APLT in the early stage of the season. The only way we can be above par after eight games is if we win them all. On the other hand, if we're level with the likes of City, Chelsea and Utd in the APLT, we'll be well clear of them in the real table. :)

Here we go!

Austin Powers:
Which team will be the first cut off the chart?


--- Quote from: Austin Powers on August 12, 2021, 10:28:46 pm ---Which team will be the first cut off the chart?

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eveton… ;)


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