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Can long lost birthplace of Bill Shankly be revived?

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Twelfth Man:
Can long lost birthplace of Bill Shankly be revived?

Professor Russel Griggs, chairman of the SMRT, said: "We have people who come from all over the world to Spireslack.
"One geologist told me it's as internationally important as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is to the particle physics community."

One of the better summaries I have had to write over the past decade and a bit (one of my clients takes Hadron Collider mentions). As a physics fan, that geologist is not wrong...

Timbo's Goals:
I remember he huge disappointment when we first paid it a visit not knowing beforehand that it no longer existed.

This sounds like superb news.

I'll definitely be giving the programme a watch tomorrow.

Here you are folks for the radio documentary Cradle of Football. Fascinating it is too.

CNN's take on it: a good read


Thought this may be of interest to some on here...

'Veteran anarchist spearheading plans to revive celebrated Scottish football team'... (Glenbuck Cherrypickers)


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