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Get the time-'till-next-match countdown back

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Thought it was cool ...

Yeah bring it back coz im usually on here and have forgotten about the match until someone in chat reminds me  ::)

Ben S:
It was cheesey and the images were loaded from some other server which slowed the loading time of the page down. I'll keep me eyes open for a nice javascript count down thingy and stick it on if I can find one.

Ben S:
Javascript ones look nice but mess up for some reason

Craig S:
I was bored & just reading old threads.
I dont think I saw the countdown, but i just knocked this up in flash.  Its counting down to the manc match on Tues, so if you're looking at this after then the numbers will be negative.
It shouldnt be too hard to put the rest of the fixtures in for this season, so it automatically jumps to the next one.
Is this what it looked like?  obviously i can change fonts, colours & pics, but this was just a first go.
The file size is 27kb, dont know if thats too big.
But if you want to use it, i'm more than happy to finish it off.


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