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Problem with the chatroom, for me anyway

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For some reason it keeps on exiting me for no apparent reason.  It is not autokick and I am sure Steve doesn't boot me.  Sometimes when I press return it just exits.

Any idea on the problem?? (I use safe mode BTW as normal mode doesn't work properly for me either)

Ben S:
not sure, nothings been changed...

it now seems to be getting slow and stopping every so often. Happening a few times 2nite

Ditto that tt...unless Steve's mean and nasty but surely that's not a possibility?

It seems to combine with the forum becoming incredibly slow and tedious, but always works again when I close down all RAWK windows and reopen them.

Dodgy  :-/

Ben S:
Iv noticed it myself too, server load is low so I'd imagine its some sort of network problem, nothing we can do about other than put up with for the time being.

I did notice on the GTChat website theres a new version being worked on so hopefully that will get on better with shit ISP's like AOL


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