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The Complete Billy Liddell Story (Part 2)

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--- Quote from: vicgill on August  1, 2006, 11:11:20 am ---Does anyone else remember the FA Cup match at Anfield against Man City, in the dying seconds of the game Billy hit one from 20-25 yards out and hit the back of the net. Crowd went wild but the ref dissallowed the goal saying he had whistled for full time before the ball hit the net.

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this is the corker innit

That's the one can see the ref signalling for time, but the ball is well on it's way

Dont remember too much about Billy i was only 5 when i went in 1959 but he was a legend alright. :) Great post by the way

howes hound:
What a great Liddell piece. Thanks fellers.

I was at the Man City game. The old man let me take a day off school to queue for tickets in sub-zero temperatures while he warmed his arse in the pub. I was just edging down to the front of the Pen so I could get a step on the rush to the bus at the final whistle, craning my neck to see over the big lads (I was 8 at the time) when Liddell put it into the Kop goal. At the same time, I could see the ref's hand raised, as in the famous picture. You thought there was no way the goal could be disallowed. Five sevenths of a second after the ref blew, said the paper. It ranks with that other disallowed goal years ago in the World Cup, that prima-donna ref whose name escapes me right now, as one of the most idiotic refereeing decisions of that era. Thank C. they generally wait until the ball's in a neutral area these days before they blow up.

I wrote an article on this game, and Liddell generally, for another site a few years back. I can post it if anybody's interested though I'm not sure what the legalities are - Rushian, maybe you can advise.

Just been reading this in The Scotsman.

If you fancy a bit of club history pre-Shankly, there’s a biography of Billy coming out soon.


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