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The Progression Effect.

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Firstly let me congratulate the lads, Le Boss, Thommo and co for a superb win over Roma and you lot for bringing them home. The crux of this thread is just to garner opinions on how our continued progression in the Champions League will effect our run in in the league.

Our participation so far has'nt seemed to cost us too much in the way of league performances thus far, in terms of match congestion anyway and we do have a good sized squad with amazing talent and depth to counter fatigue/injuries in this area but now we're at the business end of things in terms of League and European fixtures so I thought I'd pose the question.

If we do continue to progress will the physical and mental stress of playing high profile European fixtures take it's toll on the players and thus League matches?. And with the previously mentioned 'business end' 'run in' already on us I'm assuming we'll be fielding our strongest squad(s) to realize maximum points?

Any thoughts?

It didn't effect the team last season. As you have said we have a good sized squad with cover for all positions. I can't see it being a problem really.

It's 5 extra games at most now so I think we'll absorb it. Don't forget we have Anelka who can't play in the CL as well.

The advantage of it being the Champions League is that I cannot forsee the Ipswich scenario of last season where we ended up playing 2 games midweek. The only game in any doubt at the moment is the Blackburn match and I suspect this will either be brought back to the Saturday Kickoff (Morning due to the Grand National) or postponed to the last week of the season (the same time as the Manc-Arsenal Match).

If we need a date for Blackburn, could we not play FA Cup Final weekend. Neither team are busy that Saturday...

We can cope. And the good run in either competition will only feed on each other.  Trust the lads.   :D


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