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Our fantastic away support

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Terry de Niro:
I know it's easy to get carried away with our win today, but our away support and not just today has been immense.

When you think that before the match today we'd not won an away league game with one goal scored, isn't it heart warming to know that we have support like that?

Absolute massive kudos to everyone of them, and I know that a lot of RAWKites will have been there today and most other aways.

You are the lifeblood of our great club.  :scarf

Thank you, Terry... :wave

so kop end lad:
Well done lads.

You are there through thick and thin


All I could hear on the radio today was The Fields Of Anfield Road and You'll Never Walk Alone. Could not hear any Wigan fans, we practically turned it into a home game!

Superb support today :scarf

brilliant as usual. i can personally vouch for the voice of our away support as i get to a few games. feels great being there.

I managed to watch the game on the net, must say, best support i've heard all season.

Well in lads.


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