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About this site.
« on: October 8, 2012, 01:53:09 pm »
Red and White (RAWK) is an independent website for supporters of Liverpool Football Club.
It is a site run by volunteers. It mainly consists of a forum containing several boards on different topics.
The best way to describe how it came into being is this:

Rawk is the reflection of the memory of a once forgotten dream.  It exists within the falling tear of a comely maiden surprised in the act of bathing a peregrine falcon that has been plucked by the elderly and confused Marquis of Burnley.

It is hosted by Cannon but not Ball.

Fourteen pygmies laboured for seven times seven fortnights to create the basic design for the pages.  The Kremlin, the chairman of Homebase UK and the Saint Winifreds school choir are all members of the Board of Directors.  The parietal lobe of the Duchess of Kent is our official patron.

Rawk is open every day except when deemed astrologically unsound by ouyr in house shaman.  A sacrifice to the pagan gods of ancient Mesopotamia is made during every backup.

Custom titles are determined by consulting a sentient Oak tree that communicates by striking a childs xylophone which has two bars missing.

And as everyone knows, within the RAWK central command unit there are a team of genetically engineered monkey's.  They walk on a series of tightropes suspended over a pit full of lambs, kittens and baby seals juggling frag grenades and molotov cocktails as they go. 

In a nearby pigeon coop swarms of trained attack pigeons wait for a new post to be put on the RAWK board, at this point a pigeon is released and makes a beeline for the monkey jugglers.  The pigeon tries to distract the mod monkey's into dropping a grenade etc into the pit below.  Should they succeed in doing so a large reptilian hamster emerges to collect the bloodied carcasses of the lambs, kittens etc and place them on a set of scales, depending on the weight registered on these scales a number of stars is awarded to the poster.

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