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Ticketing policy affecting atmosphere?

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I go to the match with a supporters club and last season the organiser got 86 tickets per game and apart from a couple of games a season always got Kop.

This season allocation has been reduced to 53 and we are consigned to the corners of the Main Stand or Lower Anfield area 129 etc most of the time

You may have noticed these corners getting more noisy but it doesn't help the overall atmosphere. The singing sections now have one game a season day trippers from all parts of the globe.

I have no problem with the Club attracting as much support as possible but us regulars who havn't got a season ticket would like to feel a bit more valued. And it is quite hard being able to wave your flag in the back row of the Lower Anny. In the Main Stand it also disturbs the view of the scone and flask of tea brigade.

This may be the fall out of the Priority Scheme I suppose.

Anyone any thoughts on this?

:but: :but:

Ive been going to every game for about 4 years now (since Ive been able to afford it - i'm only 18 you know!). I always sit in the Lower Anny road, and until this season have always sat towards the back of block 125 or 126 (the ones directly behind the goal).

Now I am frequently shoved into the crap seats - sometimes row 3 or 4 where you can see fuck all - sometimes in the infamous blocks 128/129 where you can see fuck all when the centenary boys decide they want to stand up (although this is quite rare ;D)

I think this priority ticket thing and the ticketmaster thing (where I was sitting yesturday unfortunatley) is having a negative effect on the atmosphere. There is hardly anyone willing to sing in the ticketmaster section which is why I dont like it (i only sat there yestuurday coz i forgot to send my postal applicaion in the day before the sale started  :-[ )Why don't they shove the ticketmaster seats in the centenary top tier like they do at Leeds?

Maybe the club should introduce memberships for tickets (free of charge) so they can store on computer where fans like to sit in the ground and try to please everyone as best they can. This would also cut down on the touting to an extent, as the ticketmaster idea is heaven for the touts. They just get on when they go on sale, and buy them all up in blocks of four - thats why they sell out quickly IMO.

Cant even get thru for the ticketmaster sale. Website always says 'not on sale'. Guess its overloaded.

:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no:

I know how you guys are feeling and I'm doing my best not to have a rant here. Certain things about the atmosphere have really been getting on my tits lately.

Is it just me or:

1. there seem to be more and more fans who don't know the words to YNWA, except the last couple of lines?
2. there seem to be fewer people holding up their scarves for YNWA?
2. is it compulsory to turn up at the game with a Liverworld bag? I expect quite a few day-tippers to have them, but it seems every other person on the Kop these days arrives with them.
3. is it really irritating when someone starts a chant or a song and the bloke next to you nudges his mate and they sit giggling like schoolgirls at this 'whacky scouse humour', when in fact the song or whatever has been around for years and they obviously have never heard it. Where have they come from? I'm not talking about young lads here, but blokes in their late 20's or 30's.
4. does anyone else notice every game, a group of lads in their late 20's/early 30's outside the ground debating where the Main/Kop/Centenary Stand is situated? AAAAAAhh!!
5. are those that want to sing outnumbered by those that don't?
6. are there far too many smiling faces after we have just been beaten? I'm always disappointed/gutted/annoyed, etc and feel like kicking the dog, declaring I won't be back. Okay, an hour or two later, I put it into perspective and started to rationalise the situation, but bloody hell, I just can't fathom people laughing and smiling all over their faces when we lose. Doesn't it mean anything to them?
7. do you want to tell some of our so-called 'supporters' to f*** off and don't come back because of their behaviour towards the players and general lack of support?  :no:
8. does anyone else end up sitting next to the bloke that insists on using his mobile phone for half the game, has to go to the toilet 3-4 during the game and then leaves early?
9. does anyone else end up sitting next to the girl who keeps asking her boyfriend, "Which one is Michael Owen again?"
10. does the atmosphere feel like a matinee performance at the local theatre, rather than a football match?
11. does the club really give a toss about regular fans over the merchandise buying/daytripper? I have nothing against the DT's, all are welcome, but I get the feeling the club are looking after them at the expense of the lads that will turn upweek after week, when we play the likes of Grimsby, Birmingham, Fulham, etc.  :but:
11. does anyone else notice that when we have a genuinely big game, where tickets are hard to come by, I always bump into some bloke who is proudly declaring that it is his first trip to Anfield?

Steve all these points are valid. I cant remember the last time I was sitting next to someone who was willing to sing (except me mate i go with! ;D)

I get funny looks because I sing YNWA as loud as I possibly can. Why? I couldnt sing yesturday because I have lost my voice (it best come back quick Im going to Old Trafford Tuesday!  :no: ) and because of this I could hear how many people took it upon themselves to make some noise - absolutley none.

And more often than not I end up sitting next to the late 20's couple, with the woman looking at her fella or the floor or her mobile throughout the game. For fucks sake, these tickets cost best part of 30 quid each, if they are not going to watch the game they are just throwing money away, getting on my tits (especially when they scream when something not very exciting happens, like Hamann taking a free-kick from 60 yards out), and keeping hardcore supporters out of the ground.

Something needs to be done, and done soon.


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