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Liverpool 25:
On the Coach going to Southampton, rumours going round that Liverpool will receive the same allocation as they are for Sunday.

This is because Arsenal have said to Liverpool...

"Take all of the Clock End and portion of the West Stand Lower (approx 8,000) but Liverpool must pay for all tickets and any that aren't sold, Liverpool wouldn't get the money back"

Now, Liverpool aren't prepared to take this risk of not selling all them tickets which will leave them out of pocket and are just getting the usual amount of tickets.

This annoy's me so much this is why i hate the Ticket Office. This happened with a Leeds game couple of seasons ago and Liverpool ended up saying "Not taking the risk just give us the corner" and we had that shitty little corner at Leeds (1400 tickets) I thick the score was 2-1 (Camara equalised just on half time with a screamer and Fowler scored early 2nd half) early into the season it was.

The get me really angry sometimes, we would sell 8,000-10,000 tickets easy. :no: :no: :no:

Any extra allocation above the normal league number could easily be put on the official website ticketmaster section and would sell out at a fair rate of knots.


Arsenal MUST give 5700 tickets to liverpool. It is part of the rules of the FA Cup.

As for not selling them. Don't be so daft, of course all the tickets will be sold.

Can anyone tell me what voucher will be needed 4 this game?

Rick Parry said to ILSA on tuesday that LFC NEVER turn down tickets and couldn't believe the stories that get spread around. We suggested it's the lack of information from the club that allows the rumours to propagate.

A classic example of this was Watford two seasons back when it was spread that we had turned down 6000 and taken 2000 - absolute rubbish as it turned out (JJP editor of raotl did an article quashing the rumour) but still widely believed.


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