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What's the craic going to be with Gala tickets?

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Like I said.

There's no clues on the official site, and the day draws near!

I need to know when I can get me Barca stubs out of the safe deposit box!

Cheers la's.

I reckon theyll announce somethin two weeks before the match. I don't know why the club sent back the Dortmund stubs with holes in them? Maybe they will call Barca for Gala and then Gala and Dormtund for Roma? Watch this space me feels.

I thought the idea of the 'punched' Dortmund ticket was that for any more home games in the CL, you will need to have that stub AND the stub of the game immediately preceding the one that you are applying for.

In other words, by having the Dortmund stub, you have proved that you supported the club in the first phase and didn't just apply for the Barca game on its own.

Therefore those having the two stubs will have first priority for the Gala game, then those with only one stub, etc.

Anybody else agree/disagree?

Two stubs for Gala I feel


Season tickets get them??


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