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Cannot believe they havnt sold out yet. Rang for my N'Castle tickets today and Everton still available.


Thats surprising. I went down to the ground today to get my priority and i shouldve aksed for another Blue shite ticket. You never know they probably wouldve given me another one.  :D

Why do they just sell the priority tickets to anyone in the scheme, but in the general sale stubs are required? They should just do a stub sale for all tickets to stop people making it the one game of the season they go to.


Simply because the PTS is regarded almost like a home season ticket. I would assume that when it was originally conceived, those on the scheme would be people on the season ticket waiting list and therefore would be attending every game.

I knew the Everton PTS hadn't sold out and even more surprised when I got straight through on the PTS number today and got the Newcastle tickets. I asked if this was due to any improvemnent's in the phone system, but the bloke told me that after the initial surge of calls this morning, it had gone very quiet later on.

Maybe because it's a televised midweek game?

Meltdown at 09.15 hrs for an hour- your call is valuable etc. Left it till midday and no queue. Chap on the line was very helpful and friendly. Nearly fell over as I was on a mobile (in Edinburgh for the wifes 40th birthday present)and on a 0870 number. I was expecting a 10 bill for a 30th in the queue wait. Got Kop easily. ;D


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