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Steve C:
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To be played at Highbury, London
on Sunday 27 January 2002, kick off 1.00 p.m.

In the event of the above F A Cup tie ending in a draw, the replay will take place at Anfield on Wednesday 6 February, kick off 8.00 p.m.

The entire stadium will be ticketed and the following prices will apply: -

Main Stand, Centenary Stand, Paddock Enclosure, Anfield Road - 24.00

Kop Grandstand - 22.00

Kop Grandstand(one adult/ one child combined) - 33.00

Upper Anfield Road Stand (one adult/one child combined) - 36.00

The allocation and selling arrangements for Shareholders and Season Ticket holders are as follows: -


1-29 shares - 1 stand ticket at 24.00

30-59 shares - 2 stand tickets at 24.00

60-89 shares - 3 stand tickets at 24.00

90 shares and over - 4 stand tickets at 24.00

Season Ticket Holders

Main Stand, Centenary and Paddock Season Ticket Holders
1(ONE) Stand ticket at 24.00

Anfield Road Season Ticket Holders
1 (ONE) Stand ticket at 24.00

Kop Grandstand Season Ticket Holders
1 (ONE) Stand ticket at 22.00

Kop Grandstand
(ONE adult/child combined)- 33.00

Anfield Road Adult/Child Season Ticket Holders
(ONE adult/child combined) - 36.00

Applicants must tender spare voucher X from their respective books.

Selling Arrangements

The above tickets will be available from Monday 28 January 2002 until Wednesday 30 January 2002, during office hours (9.15 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.15 a.m. to kick off).

Postal Applications

Postal applications from Shareholders and Season Ticket holders should be received by Wednesday 30 January 2002. Applicants shouldinclude the correct remittance stamped addressed envelope and spare voucher X.

Balance of Tickets

The balance of tickets will go on sale from Thursday 31 January 2002, for as long as supplies last.

I find it annoying that the Brum stubs wont be used!!

What is the point in telling people to keep hold of their Birmingham stubs then?

Priority should be given to people with a Brum and Arsenal stub (if the replay is required - i dont think it will be) like we have been doing in the CL. It is the fairest way of distributing the tickets.

You must have a short memory.  ;) Nothings changed at our T.O. except for a few getting the sack.  :upyours:

Craig S:
I've got a Brum sub & am dissapointed with these arrangements.
But looking from their point of view too, they havnt got a lot of time to get rid of the tickets. I'm all too happy to go and queue with my stub, but a lot of people cant make it & have to send a postal in. Theyve only given 3 days for ST, then they'd have to give the same to people with a stub, then put them on general sale.
It would make the postals a farce, they had my Dortmund stub for about 2 1/2 weeks, then I got my barca ticket the day before the match. There would be loads getting their tickets on the day of the match. So the only option for people outside of Liverpool is to ring in.
I have a bit of sympathy with the TO on this one, but perhaps they could have opened a window for a day or too for personal apps, but then the OOT or people with jobs would kick off. I think its a no-win situation for them.

Just bloody hope I get one, if it comes to a replay.

Steve C:
Fair points Craig, its just annoying for those of us who bothered to go to Anfield for Brum,( and to Arsenal as well), who are not ST can bet all who couldnt be arsed certainly will be for Arsenal midweek @ 8 o clock.

Btw, doesnt this once again ridicule the decision not to allow Sunday's game to KO @ 7pm...?!


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