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Ok. If We Draw Man Utd In Quarters or Semis.

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Steve C:
What happened @ Celtic away a few years back....?

How do the club know who has been to previous aways though?
Ive been to Barca and Roma but went through Lonsdales and a friend booked it both times - i still have my Roma stub but lost my Barca one in a drunken stupor!!

A bit of a guess, but I think the club have been logging the names on computer of those travelling to the aways. Up until Roma, that wasn't too difficult (not that it should be).

I know that for PTS tickets, they can tell exactly which games you got tickets for, right from the start of the season.

Lonsdale seem to be guaranteed a certain number of tickets via the club. So if you book with them, you get a ticket. For some reason, it doesn't seem to matter how many you have been to, if you go through them.

Craig S:
Having only been to one euro away, what do you reckon my chances are, whoever we play? (I'm guessing none).

Why are they collating PTS names? surely they can't do a priority for the priority tickets?

Sorry Craig, I didn't make that clear.

What I mean is, the PTS uses a computerised system, so that everytime you obtain a ticket through it, it gets logged. A kind of database. So if you have a PTS number, they can call it up on their computer and tell you exactly which games you have had tickets for. This obviously only applies to league games as the PTS does not apply for EC, FA or WC games.

I was suggesting that maybe they have a similar database for those that have received EC tickets for aways this season. If they don't, they're making life difficult for themselves. It's not as if you need to be a computer genius to keep a list of names and addresses.

Your chances of a ticket? Not sure, as I said, depends if they actually are giving priority to those who have been to earlier rounds and what sort of allocation we are given by whoever we face. If we given 6,000 tickets, then you must have a reasonable chance. If we only get 2000, then I'd say chances are remote. We can only hope we're given a decent allocation.  :P


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