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Ok. If We Draw Man Utd In Quarters or Semis.

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Right, if we DO get Mancs, i wouldnt go thru Lonsdales for a match so close, but would LFC know ive been to previous aways to get tickets for it??!?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the police and/or the FA that requested the ETC be set up so that both they and the club could hold details of travel arrangements for everybody who had a ticket from official allocations?

As for the Celtic game, it was ST's and only two numbers qualified. Fans purchasing tickets had to provide details of travel ie, coach, train and also any overnight accomodation.

Doubt we'd get 6000 for OT. What is the minimum for Europe, something like 5%? Unless there are different rules for games between two teams of the same country, we'd probably get the usual away corner

Liverpool 25:

--- Quote ---What happened @ Celtic away a few years back....?
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We got about 3,000 tickets in the corner and serial numbers 9 & 0 could get one but you had to say wether you were going by Car, Coach (company) Train & Wether you were staying over the night.

I remember that cos we qualified, me Dad was 9 & I was 0 & we went on a Pub coach.


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