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Season ticket questions... Help me out!

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How about murder then Luke?

Where was it you live again?  ;)

;D I've been on it 3 years last chrimbo. When the stadium expansion is announced we should know a lot more.

I don't know how I managed it but I wrote off to be put on the list in December 94, got offered a Kemlyn ticket at the end of 94/95, phoned up and asked for a Kop ticket and she sent me one, so I was Buzzin.
This was the first season of the fully completed new Kop 95/96 so maybe they cleared the Season Ticket list?

In 95 a Kop season ticket was £205, so it's more than doubled in the last 7 years , so by 2009 it should be about 850 for a season ticket, so you can have mine cos I'm not going to pay that sort of money - we are all being taken advantage of by the club who knowm that people will always come and see LFC, but the reality is that LOCAL PEOPLE can't afford to go the game no more, but LFC don't care where people come from as long as they come and pay the money.
With the setting up of the I.S.C it has become very easy for many people to just get on a bus from anywhere in the country and get off in Liverpool, this is why there's 13000 on the waiting list.
As for the priority ticket scheme, this is one of the worst systems I've ever heard of,it's another way of getting money out of the fans, infact the whole ticketing policy is outrageous.

If LFC want to keep the club for the TRUE fans they should build a massive new stadium 80,000+ round Speke/Garston area, which needs regenerating anyway, drop the ticket prices so local kids can go the game as well as the people from Devon - I never see any kids at the game no more, the generation that are missing out are the future of the club and it's fucking sad, but we have to pay the players stupid ammounts of money don't we???

Sorry to moan but it's the truth, the club would be nothing without the fans, and at this rate the mix of people at Anfield will change, as the atmosphere has already.

Not sure whether what you're saying is a reference to me coming down from Scotland mate.

But what do you mean by local? Are you saying draw a line around Anfield and exclude everyone outside there?

Thing is like,

I was born in Mill Road hossy - so does that qualify me?

I was brought up in Aigburth - does that qualify me?

I lived in Toxteth - does that qualify me?

So do you reckon wes'll have to take a test before we get a ticket?

Thousands of Liverpudlians now live outside Liverpool - so don't make assumptions about people travelling from wherever.

The real issue's one of 'class' - footie is no longer a working class sport, and is accessable to an international audience via telly.

So - to get a crowd like we used to have, at £10 a ticket - throw the seats out, bring back crowd violence, ban toffs.  ;)

But at least the current ticketing arrangement gives those of us outside Liverpool who drive for 8 hours to see a game a chance of seeing the team we love. And I tell you what, I make a fuck of a lot of noise compared to some of the miserable ST holders I sometimes end up sitting next to!

Hmm - not sure where I'm going with this so I'll shut up! But I hope you keep hold of your ticket mate!

I wasn't having a go at anyone but the club,
I was trying to explain that it's nearly imposible for none ST holders or priority ticket holders to get tickets, and that the club has  seen it's country wide potential and has  exployted it to fill the ground, they have missed the fact that kids can no longer afford to go on the match, but this is the sad state of football as we now know it, I just think it's a shame that people are going to miss out on watching games live.
Everyone who is alive on this planet has the same right to go and watch LFC , of course you can't draw a line round the British Isles and give priority, but £25 and £30 + is pricing  people out, what's your limit that you would pay to get into a game??
Personally I think the atmosphere is better when we have 35,000 locals paying £13 for a Worthington cup game against Grimsby, than a Sunday kick off at 11:30 when half the crowd have travel sickness from the long drive.

Yes I think the club should move to a massive stadium, which would accomodate everyone from everywhere, and if that's the case we could double the capacity and HALF the admmission fee.

Yes when my season ticket for the year costs more than a months wages I will think about giving it to someone else, because if I ever spend a 12th of my annual earnings on home league games then someone shoot me.

What are you going on about crowd violence for? As LFC fans we aren't noted for our hooligans although like every club we have problems, I don't understand where you're coming from.

The reason it costs so much to get in is because of over the top wage bills, sooner or later the bubble will burst and football will become football again.


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