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Season ticket questions... Help me out!

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you CANNOT fill Anfield for the bread & butter Premiership games at 24 a go with all local people. Sure- drop the prices and get all locals but the club revenue goes down and a cutback will be made somewhere that would be noticed.

As I said before, build a new ground, 90,000 let kids in for less than a 10er, clear the season ticket list and bring the prices down, also if we had the biggest stadium in the country we could have concerts and even international and semi final games to generate a hell of a lot of cash.
We need to be forward thinking, how long can prices rise before no one can afford to go anymore? how much will it cost to get in the game in 5 years? I reckon about 45 - we are being held to randsome by the club, cos I for one find it very difficult not to spend all my money on going to games , even if it means putting it on my card.

Hi everyone. I am only 14 years old, so I have no problem waiting for my Season Ticket. Last I heard, the waiting time is around 8 years. In 8 years time, I will be able to afford my Season Ticket, but now, obviously, I can't - so I don't mind waiting.


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