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Season ticket questions... Help me out!

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Liverpool 25:

--- Quote ---It all depends on what is happening with redevlopment and how many give up their season tickets.
--- End quote ---

And i for one, can't help you cos I won't be giving mine up. Once u get it u won't get another chance for years. I've had mine since I was 7 though.

Never own a Season Ticket, ever! :)

Don't beleive in 'em!

35.000 locals at Grimsby in the worthy cup? Good proportion of those were the travel sickness people like me. and i never robbed anyone of a seat that night. plenty left unsold.

tricky subject this eh?

Why is this a tricky subject?

You started off by asking how do I get a ST, I replied and said that you couyld have mine if the prices rise so much.
I then went on to explain how LFC (THE CLUB) are now catering for fans from far and wide rather than local people, how they have seen a market and taken it, now come on mate this is TRUE, COS FUCK ME YOU CAN BUY TICKETS THROUGH THE POST AND ON CREDIT CARD BEFORE WINDOW SALES, does this not sugest somthing?

I then said that I enjoyed the Grimsby game in the cup cos it was a good atmosphere and I thought this was down to there being more locals and kids in the ground, due to it being 13 to get in, I was in no way impliying that you STOLE A SEAT YOU TWAT.
What is going to happen to LFC's support when football is not popular or HIGHLY FASHIONABLE as it is at the mo any more? (cos lets face it footy has hit rough patches before) when the Devon reds grow up and have kids and can't afford it no longer? when at this point all of footy realises that they have been GREEDY and that most people in Liverpool don't really have much of an interest in LFC any more ,cos there parents haven't ever been able to afford a 70 day out for 90mins? a generation is going to miss out, I would like to know your views on this? as you don't ever seem to coment, you just seem more OBSESED that I'm some sort of mad lad with a vendeta against none locals, when all I want is a bigger ground 90,000 with cheep tix so ALL OUR FANS CAN WATCH THE TEAM WE LOVE AND ADORE (AGAIN)

I f you are prepared to spend massive ammounts of coin on footy, then this will never stop, (what's your limit to get into the game? 70 maybe? 80? good value that mate.

As for your reference to hooligans in the above post, most of the lads can't get tickets any more so have packed in, I don't undersatnd your comments on this anyway.

Its very sad the current situation. The official website sums it all up. 34% of Liverpool supporters come from within the Liverpool Area. 15-25 yrs ago it would be nearer 80% and 30-100 years ago it wouldve been all liverpudlians. There should a much fairer/cheaper way for local fans of liverpool to watch the games in my opinion.


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