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Bayer Leverkusen - anyone got tix yet?

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The echo tonight says that there were 20000 bought by season ticket holders leaving a balance of 20000 for sale. They expect them to sell out before the weekend.
There is a picture of the queue as well and I'd get my a@#e down there quick if I was you!  ;D

Overslept and after qing for 3 hrs I got a Kop ticket but in Block 109.  :but:

Got em. No Kop left though  :( so had to get Annie Rd. Right in the middle behind the goal, but not much consolation  :(

Craig S:
Went at 7.30 and Queued for 3 hours.
When i was there i asked if they had any charlton returns, but she said "no but they've loads of unopened post that wont get sorted til the Q dies down".

So if you've sent a non-ST postal app it probably wont get processed til tommorrow & you're going to be sweating on getting the ticket with no friday or monday post.

Okay, enough of speculation.

I posted off the stubs on Saturday and received the ticket back this morning (Thursday). That means they have been opening the post at least on Wednesday, if not on Tuesday. Got virtually the same seat in Block 208 on the Kop as previous games.  :)


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