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Spurs away selling details

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Didn't use NFC. The stewards asked us to show the code on the phone and scan in that way. It was no different from using paper ticket

had to scan QR code at two controls with spurs stewards, first one hand held scanner and second at turnstile.

no ID control and was very easy to be honest. might be very different if your phone is dead and you have to explain to stewards you have a ticket. plenty of lfc stewards around to help if needed though.


Sounds like it went well

A lad I know couldnt make it a few hours before kick off so uninstalled the NFC pass then it allowed someone else to download it, worked like the LFC ones


--- Quote from: 30fiver on October  2, 2023, 09:04:59 am ---how was everyones NFC

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Worked fine for the 1 person in our group that had to do it.


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