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Ticketless fans in Paris

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Apologies mods if this is in the wrong area. Please move if appropriate.

We know they'll be one or two of us in Paris on the day of the game without a ticket, saw it suggested to start a thread on here with places to watch/ meet up.

There's a Paris red who's already put a great list together

I'm going to be looking for somewhere I can get back to the ground at full time as my coach picks me up there.

Cheers for starting the thread mate. Iím flying in Saturday morning from dublin if anyone else is on that? Hotel near place de bastille called grand hotel amelot. Still holding some hope out for a ticket.
If it it will be class anyway.

Depending on ballot outcomes of course, I will have a full day in Eindhoven on Friday if anybody is about. Already spoken about the place at the south of the city to go to last time I was in Paris in the group stages I will pop the link in here in a bit later

5 of us over on the Friday till the Monday. No accom sorted yet but will find something no doubt. No tickets so just gonna go where most bods are gonna go nearer the day.

The French don't seem to be embracing this opportunity to welcome ticketless travelling fans.

Thankyou for starting the thread!
I've seen the twitter thread, hopefully will use that. We're based for 2 nights in the South of Paris, which is a pain, but stadium is about a 45 min metro/train journey I think. Mate are just looking for whatever is available when it comes to watching the game, and any potential meetup points for a sing and a drink. Hopefully BOSS manage to organise something, or the like


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