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Champions League final ticket details

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What do we reckon on the odds in the ballot? 50-60%?

cjc9020801Beverly Hills:
Anyone know the allocations for those away games?

Anyone got a breakdown on our allocation  to work out the odds?


--- Quote from: cjc9020801Beverly Hills on May  5, 2022, 02:24:55 pm ---Anyone know the allocations for those away games?

--- End quote ---

Atlético Madrid 3,328
Salzburg 1,520
Genk 1,037
Napoli 2,558


--- Quote from: TeddyTime33 on May  5, 2022, 02:04:50 pm ---Week for ballot results, superb

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The club dont care about the fans. It’s a business.
They don’t care if travel prices go up because they know we will pay it.


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