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Champions League Final in Paris 28.5.2022

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--- Quote from: ScubaSteve on June  2, 2022, 08:04:33 pm ---Im ok mate thanks. I managed to avoid being tear gassed, robbed, beaten up etc. my thoughts were more with those who I spoke to in and around the ground whod been affected. Its not good when you find yourself in a situation you have very little control of. Must be thinking too much to be dreaming about it!!

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You're not alone mate - I didn't experience those things you mention either but, as Mark says above, we're all affected in some way.....we may have known someone, family or even best mates getting mugged, robbed, beaten or worse. That experience for them was horrendous and extremely traumatic - but, those close to them can also suffer by sharing that trauma. I haven't stopped thinking about the appalling events from last weekend....but, that will pass in time (hopefully). Apparently, it takes 4 - 6 weeks to process a traumatic event....the healing can take a bit longer.

Had 2 different Arsenal fans ask me about my experiences in Paris, which I've shared with them. I asked back did they experience similar in 2006. The response from both was no, they'd had a similar experiences in Paris for the Cup Winners Cup Final against Zaragoza in 1995, so wouldn't travel to France to watch them again.


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