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Villarreal 2022: semi final

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--- Quote from: ABJ on April 14, 2022, 08:27:48 pm ---Tickets for Villarreal season ticket holders were announced today, they start from €25 although no doubt ours won't be as cheap as that.

I'm fully expecting some kind of announcement re. our prices and selling arrangements in around 2-2.5 weeks time.

--- End quote ---
general sale in 2 weeks too but not sure if they'll just cancel any purchases from aboard anyway

Got an 8.40am flight to palma to make on the Wednesday

Nice to hear some mention of shuttle busses but I don't like the uncertainties of this, when I was there the night after the Benfica game at least 3 coaches and a load of taxis turned up full of Munich fans for their 3.40am flight to Germany

Anyone considered sharing a taxi and splitting the cost? Be 20-25 euro each for 4 ppl

Hopefully the club publish some info on the free busses if there are any in their away guide

East Midlands to Alicante Monday night mini bus 8 of us to Valencia,2 nights there & Wednesday down to Benidorm for one night,back Thursday into East Midlands,4 star hotel in Valencia £24 a night each…had a big party in the sq in Villarreal last time we were there & a few bars there as well

Sport Options is doing an overnight to Valencia with coach transfers to Villareal, leaving Liverpool on the Monday and flying back to Liverpool immediately after the match on the Tuesday for £439 for flights and the hotel stay.

Ibrox Bar in Benidorm are doing a bus there and back - message them on Facebook, search 'Ibrox Bar Benidorm'. need something for Valencia though, hopefully the Club do something.


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