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Trains from London - any general tips, please?

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Barry Banana:
Where kick off times allow we normally get a London Northwestern off-peak day travelcard for London aways.£32 return on the day with a railcard.

You normally have to split at Stafford and it takes about 3 hours 15.

Early kick offs up to 3pms ok. Late kick off it doesn’t fit.

You can go London to Crewe with London Northwestern instead of Virgin - I did it a lot last year and if you booked far enough in advance you could get a single for £12.

Crewe to Liverpool is usually then really cheap as well. The only downside is the train from London to Crewe takes a while longer and you've still got to get to Liverpool, but it was pretty much always cheaper.


--- Quote from: RainbowFlick on December 27, 2018, 11:51:56 am ---I have a railcard so get cheaper tickets at the advance rate, but I wondered if anyone had any tips on getting this down even further?

What is the sweet early spot in booking tickets early on the Virgin website?

My usual group have various babies/work type urgencies at the moment, so I'm without a lift some games (and I hate driving!). Trying to avoid going by coach where possible!

Cheers and Happy Holidays  :)

--- End quote ---

Which games and where do you live? More often than not we will have a space in the car. Do you live near London?

If you're not bothered about travel times I have got the train via Birmingham a couple of times which is very cheap as Virgin are forced to offer decent priced tickets due to several train companies running competing services.

You could still get return ticket to Birmingham for the palace game on the 19th for £19 and from Birmingham -Liverpool for £23 compared to £89 on the direct trains and probably no seats


--- Quote from: Hij on December 29, 2018, 03:40:16 am ---Which games and where do you live? More often than not we will have a space in the car. Do you live near London?

--- End quote ---

Go most home games mate - from South West London. Everyone I know seems to leave from North which sometimes just makes the train a little easier.


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